High performance concrete protection – anti efflorescences!


RX OBE TOP is a new construction material based upon the innovative RX-Silicate Technology. RX OBE TOP hardens mineral surfaces and protects the surface, achieving a very high resistance against chemical attacks and any abrasive influences.


RX OBE TOP acts on the chemical composition of the concrete crystals and prevents irreparably the formation of efflorescence.The treated surfaces become waterproof, but at the same time remain breathable.


RX OBE TOP penetrates into the surface 2 – 3 mm, reacts with the cement components and forms a hard silicate structure.


RX OBE TOP is odor-free, solvent-free and easy to applicate. The fully-dried coating is durable (10 – 15 years) and can not be removed. For indoor and outdoor use.

Efficiency on

    • The sealing of old and new concrete floors against the invasion of aggressive fluids as salt water, sewage water, acid sulfur etc.
      Protection of concrete walls in tunnel construction

    • Protection against surface peeling caused by alternating freezing and unfreezing
      Suitable for parking spaces, access roads, roof terraces, flat roofs etc.

    • Protection of concrete floors in vivariums against infiltration of bacteria, mould and funguses
      Crack bridging against water diffusion

    • Solidification of porous undergrounds
      Base coat for paint coats as protection against peeling of paint

    • Sealing of concrete joints in sanitary and industrial areas
      Repair and protection of drinking-water pipes and cisterns

    • Sealing of outer walls of cellar rooms and walls
      For all areas with high chemical or mechanical influence


    • One-Component aqueous solution
    • Diffusion open water sealing

    • Prevents blooming, weathering as well as infestation of algae
    • Damaging agents do not find their way into concrete

    • Optically neutral
    • Non-yellowing

    • Hydrophobic repellent effect
    • Protection against frost damage, snow and ice attachment (resistant against common de-icing products)

    • Extremely resistant against abrasion
    • Temperature resistant from -30°C to 700°C

    • Increases pressure and flexural strength of cementitious construction material
    • Environmentally friendly, inorganic composition

    • Optimal penetration because of to low viscosity


    • 5 litres

    • 25 litres

    • + on request

Technical Sheet