TopFluid Technology

TopFluid is a totally new and innovative technology for the cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces.


A TopFluid product will make it possible to act from the inside without employing aggressive chemicals that are harmful to man and the environment. 


The technology is based on an innovation from our partner laboratories and which seeks its principle in the effects of actions when associating two opposing agent.


TopFluid is certified biodegradable and dermatological. There is therefore no risk to the environment or to contact with the skin.

The cleaners on the market today work with aggressive chemical agents that function to dissolve inlays. It is easy to understand that this requires a more powerful chemical reaction than the product to be eliminated.


TopFluid is totally different, and no matter what type of inlay to remove, since it does not dissolve them but takes off the surface! This difference is fundamental in order to offer non-toxic products.

TopFluid therefore makes it possible to create products for de-fouling surfaces without the use of toxic chemical agents. This ensures safety for the user and respect for the environment!


TopFluid has been developed to offer products for the removal of graffiti, limestone, rust, grease, oil, felt, paint and varnish. Others will come in the future !!!